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with snow. a blanket of wet snow is covering the indiana town of henryville. a tornado friday devastated that town. indiana officials say the snow will slow the clean-up effort because it's making things slippery and concealing some potential hazards. >>> parts of kentucky are also getting snow. the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for much of the state. >>> in north carolina three children from the same family were sucked from their home by a tornado but survived with relatively minor injuries. their mother latonya stevens says she has no recollection of the tornado. she remembers being on the second floor of the home sitting in the hallway and the next thing she knows she was still sitting down but only one of her four children were still sitting beside her. >> i just held her and i started rocking and i started praying and i didn't know after that. i just started screaming. >> you can see the incredible damage that tornado did to her house. the tornado sucked two of la tonya's children into the backyard. a third was thrown more than 50 feet, but again cuts and
. susan mcginnis begins the coverage tonight from henryville, indiana. >> reporter: first responders combed through the rubble searching for tornado survivors. >> we just hope that we've not left any stone unturned at this point. >> reporter: the crew in henryville, indiana picked up a photo album they hope to get to it owner. >> after the fact they'll say that's the only picture we found of the family we have left. >> reporter: the tornado demolished the townsending a school bus into a building, dropping a tractor-trailer on a gas station and shearing the walls off of homes. >> i've seen some of the most incredible and intense damage i've ever seener. >> it headed into eastern kentucky cutting a path of destruction 52 miles long. >> reporter: the national weather service is saying it's an f 4. >> it's in the violent category that most tornadoes never come anywhere near to. >> reporter: one young survivor is recovering in louisville. rescuers found the 2-year-old in a field near her home. in ohio a twister tore up the town of moscow killing two people and a few people died in alabama
of an era for indiana. local sports fans are hoping it can be a new beginning in washington, however,. jummy olabanji is joining us to explain, from the satellite center. >> very big news. when the press conference started moments ago the owner started by saying we are here to talk about the conclusion of peyton manning career's with the indianapolis colts. it's no secret to the washington redskins need a quarterback. some fans want them to go with a veteran. there's no better free agent and peyton manning. yes or no to peyton manning? >> yes. >> he has won two afc championship and a super bowl. instead of keeping him for the remaining a full your years on his contract and paying a $28 million bonus if, -- remaining four years on his contract and $28 million bonus, they are letting him go. he has no intention of retiring. >> he was smart for staying out. he looks good. >> even though he appears to be fine in cell phone video from recent practice, some say the injury is not worth it. >> of baylor university quarterback is being talked about and the redskins are rumored to be looking at him.
a case where an indiana drug dealer was arrested and subsequently had his cell phone call log searched by police. the officers didn't have a warrant or permission to do so. the appeal court ruled in favor of the police. the u.s. judge says the restrictions on warrants are relaxed with the passenger of a motor vehicle. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see an officer push the envelope but i would think a prudent officer would carefully read what the judge wrote. >> reporter: the ruling can only be enforced in the seven circuit jurisdiction. however, it may very well serve as a precedent in washington because the judge's opinion are held in high regard. >> it's certain anything he says is going to be given some degree. >> reporter: if you find yourself to be given up why you are phone without being arrested, he gives this advice. >> just because they're stopped doesn't mean you have the right to give up your fourth amendment rights. >> reporter: in the indiana case, the police used the suspect call log to try him to a drug dealing ring. that suspect was later convicted and sentenced to 10 ye
in indiana. officials say 42 in all hit 10 states killing a total of 40 people. >>> now the forecast and lynette. what is going on? >> not a lot but we're going to see images like that for a while. the good news is, as we look across the middle of the nation, indiana looks nice, we had a few clouds trying to stream in here as well as kentucky. this is courtesy of a warm front. so we have a new system that is going to try to get in here not today but maybe as we head into your friday. a cold front passing through but no type of cold weather for today. this morning, not so bad, temperatures are above average, not as cold as yesterday. remember, we were in the 20s. we zoom in across the satellite and radar to our area and looking good. we have clear skies, that will translate into lots of sunshine, as we go more into the afternoon. also once that sun starts to rise. right now though, talking about the temperatures, telling you they were not as bad as yesterday. well, they are not. check out annapolis with the temperature coming in around 39 degrees. more of the same in sparrows point. a
's tonya francisco has been following the story and has the latest from crown point indiana 25 year-old corrections officer britany muex was killed along with three of her fellow officers getting seriously injured ... one of the officers reported hearing an engine revving before they were hit the s u v that had never stopped and it left behind evidence a piece of the passenger side mirror that is enabling investigators to narrow the vehicle description to a recent model dark colored gmc model as you may >>britany muex was little in stature but a big go getter ... she's the mother of the 5 month old baby girl and is a former marine among her injured fellow officers was the son of the lake county commissioner and to others one of them was airlifted to an indianapolis hospital with critical injuries the other two aren't fair condition ... surveillance video is being examined as well as increase at local body shops ... police her asking for anyone with information to call the lake county sheriff's department 219-755-3333 ... police in northwest indiana have a question to to people in
across five states. in indiana, members of the indianapolis colts join to help clean up and giving people in the battered area hope for their community. >> that hope, you know, this is tragic and there is still hope, you know, we have friends and folks like the salvation army and the other agencies that will help you through this. >> and as people continue to pick up the pieces, they will get help from the president. yesterday, president obama approved federal aid for counties affected by the tornados in kentucky and in indiana. >>> and it's hard to believe it was two weeks ago the tornados happened in yes. >> and nice to see the sports figures. >> speaking of weather, we have had the roll coaster weather. warm one day and cold the next and want it to stay even and when is that going it to happen? >> demanding. >> i know. >> and that is on a saturday. >> if you're like today, and we're not going to stick with that. are you okay if we don't stay even? >> don't nose dive. >> you know what? i don't call the shots. the lady called mother nature does and we'll have to see what she's going to s
away. an ohio couple found an old deposit slip from a flattened town of henriville, indiana. it is dated 1987. it's still in tact. >>> let's look at the morning road conditions. i-70 from columbus to pittsburgh. flooding on i-40 from nashville to dallas. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in memphis, dallas, and houston. >>> well, we now know that whitney houston left everything to her only child, bobby christina. >> that money will be put in a trust for her and distributed at 21, 25, and 30. a month before she was born was when the will was written. >> later this morning, dionne warwick, whitney's cousin, sits down with robin roberts. the big interview with oprah is on this sunday. >>> the search continues for a woman on a cruise ship. her boyfriend reported her missing seven hours after he last saw her. now the family suspects foul play 37 and says the couple did have a troubled relationship. >>> also, we're learning more about another mystery. the twin sisters who died just a few pete apart. patricia and joan miller lived in south lake tahoe for more than 40
never be eclipsed. he ignited a fever for football in the state. indiana was a basketball state before peyton came there. it's a football state now. >> reporter: he'll become a free agent. he has every intention of suiting up against in the nfl. just not wearing that familiar dark blue horse shoe. >> lit the strange to see him in anything but colts. >>> texas tycoon allen stanford is convicted of a $7 billion ponzi scheme. he was accused of bilking more than 30,000 investors over a 20-year period. a federal jury found him guilty of 13 of 14 charges. each one carries a sentence of up to 20 years. >>> a california woman has died after a cannon ball hit into her trailer home. her husband and a friend were working on a cannon when something went drastically wrong. >>> two police officers are being recognized for their drivery. they arrive d on this scene to find the driver trapped inside and died by the imbasket. >> you have to get out of the car, buddy. come on the. >> i'm good, i'm good, i'm good. >> working together, they were able to unwedge the driver and pull him out. he was so close
in an indiana jewelry store last month. though the higher end items were locked up and secure, he and two other burglars managed to ghirt hands on less expensive watches and jewels using a bin to collect the stolen goods. police are hoping blood drops left at the scene will help them find the suspects. >>> and finally take a look at this time-lapse video of an ice-out, as another day of warm weather finally melts a minneapolis lake for the season. it happened monday, which fittingly was the last full day of winter. at least on the calendar. it took about 90 minutes for the ice to disappear. hundreds of records for high temperatures have been shattered this year in and around the twin cities. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins, a lot to get to in your weather forecast. >> going to be 85 in chicago today, flooding rains in texas. and everyone on the west coast is, like, okay, bring the warmth. l let's get winter over with. if you love spring skiing, the place to be is the in the cascades. more snow heading your way, already falling in some a
with the indiana folks there, peyton will be there. after 14 years, they're going to draft andrew luck ever stanford, no. 1. and peyton is free to go to another position, another franchise. he has had four neck surgeries in 19 months. but he's been working out, and supposedly looks pretty good. we'll wait and see. peyton manning and the colts officially part company tomorrow. >>> bounty gate. their team had a bounty system in place. and the video everybody keeps showing, the saints beating up on brett favre over and over again. and the way this works they're going to be hit with a major fine, no inclination now. but most people who follow this say it'll be the biggest fine in nfl history. >>> a legendary nfl name has been imcased. joe -- implicated, joe gibbs. one of those guys who just -- very supporter youual. and -- spiritual. and he would walk through the locker room waving $100 bills if they knocked the quarterback down. >>> randy moss wants to play, got a workout with new orleans. the saints from their thinking can hopefully divert a little attention away from the bounty business with
delegates. he hopes he has enough momentum to score his first win in the south. the indiana primary on saturday looms large. romney figures if he can beat santorum there, he will look more like the sure nominee, even if he is short on delegates. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> mitt romney it will be in maryland tomorrow, campaigning in arbutus at the american legion hall. cloaks their to they were getting ready for that town hall meetings which is expected -- folks there were getting ready for that town hall meeting which is expected to start at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> i am a staunch republican. he is the right man for the right job. >> this is the republican town, so he will be well received. >> they are all a bunch of crooks. >> the event is free and open to the public. you do not need a ticket. we will have the latest on as well as the latest on the entire republican race for the white house. >> baltimore county police are investigating a fight at town house in owings mills involving at least two stabbings and gunfire. happen this afternoon in a residential nei
of five survive a tornado in indiana, sheltering them in his mobile home. but it swept them away, ultimately killing all five, including 14-month-old angel. miller survived but said he saw death at his door. >> i put my arm over angel and got her to get down. i was like, down. i said, lay down flat. i just kind of reached my arm, get in close, lay down flat. that's the only thing i remember saying. i just started praying. >> reporter: a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but she ended up losing one leg above the knee and the other leg above the ankle. >> i was reaching around holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them. i had two steal beams on my legs, and i couldn't move. i was stuck. >> reporter: and a man in missouri got something precious back. >> i gave this to my wife 10 years ago. i kept digging and digging until we got to where it was at. in all this here, how do you find it? i called her and she was crying. >> reporter: meanwhile, kentucky senator says fema has started damage assessment in west libert
of small town life reemerging. jay gray is in henryville, indiana with more on the cleanup. >> as families continue to pour through all of the splintered wood and twisted metal, suddenly signs of recovery are showing up. this morning the new washington state bank reopened. there was no power so no computers, all the transactions had to be written out by hand much working by hand is something most are getting used to here. in some places a brick at a time. before the storm, carrie's beauty salon and house set side by side. now, what's left of both is scattered for miles. >> we have to start over from scratch. >> because she doesn't know how to get over everything that's happened. >> there are no words to put together to describe that very moment. >> reporter: for others the word is simple and obvious, it's hero. as the tornado was tearing away her home and everything around them. stephanie refused to let it take her children. >> i was reaching around holding them. >> she saved her little boy and girl. but flying debris left her crippled. >> i had two steel beams on my legs. >> fighting thro
in indiana as it was ripped apart last week she wrapped her two young kids in a blanket and laid on top of them. >> the steel beams the brick, everything from the house was hitting me in the back i remember having a steel beam fall right on my leg and dominic at one point said mommy i need you to save me. >> decker had to protect her kids again when a second tornado headed right for them, remarkably the kids were not hurt but doctors were forced to amputate part of both of deckers legs. >> hundreds of residents across the midwest and south are facing a long road to recovery following that tornado outbreak thanks to groups like samaritan's purse some residents are receiving help they need to try to start getting back on their feet, samaritan's purse is responding sending staff and equipment to some of the hardest hit areas joining us live now via skype is todd taylor the program manager with samaritan's purse, new albany is 12 miles from henryville one of the hardest hit area, good morning todd. >> good morning. >> when did you get there, what did you see once you arrived. >> we got into
out in indiana and pushing into western ohio will not got in here until maybe 10:00 tonight. up ahead of it, breezy conditions and we will cloud up later this affect. we will have high temperatures in the low 70s. humidity, 80%. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. you guys are missing it. sarah is yawning at my forecast. here is your forecast for today, 71 in washington. 67 in winchester and some clouds later today. >> it is just such relaxing weather. that is what it is, tucker. >> : like a summer breeze. we should ask julie to cue the warm weather dance she showed me yesterday. i thought it was so cute. give us a little. >> oh, my god, will. >> don't encourage it. >> there you go. >> you got to come out of your shell more often. >> you do dance on demand. wow! >> it is like one of the little snow globes you just shake. that's me. i know but it is a feel good kind. day out on the roads too. we are offy to apretty good start. no problems to report here northbound along i-95 as you work your way out of the woodbridge and continuing up towards newington. you are at speed there.
into indiana a few -- that slammed into indiana a few weeks ago. you can see the tornado hitting the henryville high school. despite all of the damage no one was seriously hurt. >>> well, alex smith is looking at other options himself for next year. he visited the dolphins. the team is reportedly working on a deal that could pay him $8 million a year. alex smith has spent his whole career with the 49ers. he led them to just one game to the bole. jim harbaugh says he wants alex smith back. but then the news broke that they wanted manning. >> there's no -- peyton manning is an incredible quarterback. alex smith has to realize this is business. >> peyton man something talking to the titans and the denver broncos and could make a decision by tomorrow. he didn't play all of last season because of a neck injury. >>> weigh wouldn't -- we want to check in one more time with tara. >> he. we have an suv that flipped and landed on the right shoulder. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there we go. this is the map we were talking about. this is highway 13. >> now we're gonna go to the bay bridge
because you have north carolina, west virginia, indiana may 8th all coming up on the same date. let me tell you, you don't have moderate republicans voing in those primaries. indiana race is going to be very, very hard fought especially for dick lugar who is now in big trouble in his state. if i were rick santorum, i would put my head down, shut the hell up, talk about the economy and slug it through may. romney can keep doing what he's doing but it's going to be a big nasty mess. >> santorum today st. louis actually basically in front of a reagan statue in dixon, illinois, making the claim that he is the guy. he's the reagan conservative. he wants to take this through it the conservative races you're talking about and onto the convention. wendy, you have historical context here. >> this is the land of lincoln. abraham lincoln had his own problems. he didn't sail into the nomination. he had struggles. he said a house divided cannot stand. these are destructive politics. santorum has to decide if i don't get the nomination, what do i want in the. >> health and human services >> somebody
if that is what is happening across illinois and indiana. this is drifting toward baltimore. i think we will get the whole day tried but some of the rain may last into early tomorrow morning. the clouds are rushing in the head of the system. there is no precedent -- precipitation but they will thicken up. i think it will be a couple of degrees warmer. breezy and smiled with a chance of some rain showers. -- mild with a chance of some rain showers. the average is 51. we will not break any records. the record high is 83 back in 2000. the rain showers are likely. cloudy skies. temperatures in the 40's. the sunset at 6:06. tomorrow, the system may move across the coast. if you are up early, you may see some rain. it will be a little chillier. the high-temperature expected in the mid 50's. 55 on friday. the rain will clear up in the afternoon. right now it looks like a dry weekend. colder, but not bad for this time of the year. don't forget before you go to bed saturday night to set your clocks ahead one hour. temperatures should go back into the 60's. >> 5:50. coming up, or does peyton manning think
way into cases at an indiana jewelry store last month. he and two other burglars managed to get their hands on less-expensive watches and jewels using a bin to collect the stolen goods. police are hoping blood drops left at the scene will help them find the suspects. >>> and finally, this is pretty cool. take a look at this time-lapse video of what's being cold an ice-out. as another day of warm weather finally melted a minneapolis lake for the season. this all happened on monday, which fittingly was the last full day of winter. at least on the calendar. we use quotations around "winter." it took 90 months for the lake to thaw. temperatures have been shattered this year in and around the twin cities. for a look at your national and regional weather, here's bill karins. good morning. >> i think i have a tan. >> just for being out for a few hours. bill got out the baby oil and the mirror thing. >> no. you missed it. i was out with the baby. >> there you go. all the same. >> kind of the same. >>> good morning, everyone. incredible warm temperatures from the midwest to the great lak
a maybe life. >>> an unbelievable story. an indiana woman has become the face of bravery. in the aftermath of last week's deadly tornadoes. stephanie decker lost both legs while shielding her children from two twisters that hit her home friday. from her hospital bed, she's promising to make it through this ordeal. >> i kind of looked outside to see and i was -- funny i had a hinky feeling that this was going to be a strong storm. >> i kept going back to the radar and looking at it at my desk. i'm sending her a text message and i'm like, it's heading straight at you. she sent me a text message back and that's when she said the whole house is shaking. >> i'm screaming and crying and i was thinking oh, my, the house is getting ready to go. we're not going to be able to survive this. and i was just trying to protect my kids and i grabbed them. i wasn't letting go. if they were going to fly, i was going to fly with them. it happened so quickly. the tornado. but the rest of it seemed like it felt like an eternity. i yelled for reese, i said reese, are you okay? and she goes yes, mommy. then i ye
and indiana, great game. she he the jumper, hoosiers up two. brandonberg for three. no go, hoosiers win, 63-61 and play kentucky in this the sweet 16. >> top seed in the east, orange taking on kansas state. k-state hanging on tough in the second. the rebound. 14 of 17 boards. wildcats down one. but the orange turin turn on the juice. syracuse roles, they get wisconsin in the sweet 16. gone saga challenging ohio state. zags down three. four minutes left. harris from downtown. ties it at 61. 'john stockton thinking updebt but the buckeyes don't blink. zags eliminated. buckeyes move into the sweet 16 for the third straight year. >> for the women, cardinal looking for their 29th 29th straight win against hampton. nneka, 25 in the first half including that three. she was unstoppable. great d from lindsey. nneka, 28 points cardinals win, get west virginia on monday. >> the warriors got type up by the jazz. jefferson had nine points in the first game. thompson he had 17. warriors up two in the fourth. the favor
on here? hey, hey, hey! what's going on here? >> lawmakers in indiana are working on a bill to make sure students are never saved by the bell. yep. the new law gives school administrators the power to punish students in school for bad stuff they've done outside of school. that includes summer vacation. the rule also extends to anything they do on personal computers and cell phones. supporters say they need the rule to reduce cyber bullying. >> it's a big issue in schools today. whether or not that's good or bad thing to do. >> from whether or not to the weather! so let's take a look at where it's raining right now and look at this big storm we got all the way from, as you can see, canada and the great lakes. stuart, you're so polite. you're bending back so i can see the map down through the central missouri and mississippi valley approaching the gulf coast. it's currently dry in the east and in the northern plains. where in the northern plains, it's chilly. about two dozen -- it's 21 right now in minneapolis. only 22 in denver and rapid city. here in the big town in new york city, we hav
washington of quarterbacks -- george washington of quarterbacks. he can run in indiana. they love him there. from louisiana, they love him there. this is not for vice president. run in tennessee where he played college quarterback. >> call audibles in romney debates. >> bret: there you go. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a follow-up on the interview with the majority leader eric cantor.  today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> bret: finally tonight, we had house majority leader eric cantor on "special report" thursday. while we don't like to brag here, it does seem like we left a lasting impression. >> why are you pretty much it among the big cheeses? [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i'm in that category or not. i will tell you this, bret -- >> i k
in wisconsin. 46 in indiana. 17 in delaware. 37 in maryland. these are the other winner take all states. they don't split their vote at the congressional district winner take all. >> bill: ron paul in good shape in all of them. maryland very liberal republic state it looks like decent shape. i don't have time to go through all of this. but it seems to me that the only candidate likely to drop out is newt gingrich. santorum is going to stay in until the end. paul hassing in else to do. -- paul has nothing else to do. >> his campaign may run out of doe. allegedson who. >> bill: he says he is not going to do it anymore. sheldon. >> how much money is left in that bank account. also, what happens next week. if newt gingrich does well in mississippi and alabama, it's going to rekindle at least the belief that he could be a -- >> bill: you see all four of them going into june. >> i see all four of them going march into april. i'm not sure i see them all in late april and in may. >> bill: all right. because that would be good for santorum obviously if gingrich drops out then conservatives coale
had 15. kentucky moving on to the sweet 16 with the victory. >> virginia commonwealth and indiana, great game. she he the jumper, hoosiers up two. brandonberg for three. no go, hoosiers win, 63-61, and play kentucky in this the sweet 16. >> top seed in the east, orange taking on kansas state. k-state hanging on tough in the second. the rebound. 14 of 17 boards. wildcats down one. but the orange turin turn on the juice. syracuse roles, they get wisconsin in the sweet 16. gone saga challenging ohio state. zags down three. four minutes left. harris from downtown. ties it at 61. 'john stockton, thinking updebt but the buckeyes don't blink. zags eliminated. buckeyes move intweet 16he swee6 for the third straight year. >> for the women, cardinal looking for their 29th 29th straight win against hampton. nneka, 25 in the first half including that three. she was unstoppable. great d from lindsey. nneka, 28 points, cardinals win, ge monday. monday. >> the warriors got type up by the jazz. jefferson had nine points in the first game. thompson, he had 17. warriors up two in the fourth. the fa
and a mother's love in the middle of those deadly tornados. last friday when henryville indiana was destroyed by the tornados that plowed through the midwest, stephanie decker was in her home with her two children when that tornado tore through. decker sacrificed her body protecting her kids. >> i was thinking, oh, my, the house is getting ready to go. we're not going to be able to survive this. and i was just trying to protect my kids and i grabbed them and i wasn't letting go. if they were going to fly i was going to fly with them. >> unfortunately she was pinned under some heavy debris. she had a large brick home. she lost both of her legs in the tornado, but she is vowing to regain her mobility. her two children escaped the storm without any major injuries. true sacrifice there. >>> 39 people now killed in syria again as government forces take aim at citizens now across that country. in an ambush attack the syrian military targeted a bridge near the lebanese border that was used by fleeing and wounded civilians. the deaths include 23 people in the opposition strong hold of homs. as many a
of experience to help you get there. ♪ >>> the recovery continues in henryville, indiana following last week's deadly tornadoes. water service has been restored to much of the area. but officials say it is still not safe to drink. volunteers are helping as much as they can and coming up in our 9:00 hour, we are talking with samaritans first. it is an organization that is helping with he relief efforts in henryville right now. >>> and a mother who survived the storms is sharing her story. stephanie decker shielded her children as two tornadoes hit their henryville home. >> what a story it is. her injuries catastrophic. both her legs had to be amputate but she is alive to tell her story and so are her children. >> we have a closer look this morning. >> reporter: just behind this concrete slab lies the remains of the decker's home. the wood and brick no match for an ef-4 tornado. unthinkable anyone could shriver this. >> it started to rattle and shake more. >> this is where stephanie decker was with her kids, dominic and reese. she wrapped her kids in a blanket and laid on top of them. >> one w
producing showers into ohio andeanian, down toward -- and indiana, down toward the mississippi valley. that is moving in our direction and will be here after dark. look at these temperatures before i go. already in the 50s. 56 annapolis. we're looking at highs later this afternoon upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow, though, we're going to cool down into the 50s. more on that in a few minutes. right now it's monika santami's turn with time saver traffic. >>> an accident on the southbound side of i-275 near 85 -- 270 near 85 in frederick. that's cleared up. you just have the volume right now down to the point where the lanes divide. off and on delays but no big deals to report on the south side of 270. over to the maps, overall the beltway is doing fine. we did have a disabled vehicle down here in alexandria on the inner loop aft wilson bridge. that -- after the wilson bridge. that was cleared to the shoulder but caused a bit of a backup. you see all the red down here. that was caused by that earlier accident moved to the shoulder. let's go over to the beltway on the north side of town or t
, indiana and kentucky. >> yeah. >> indiana beat them earlier this year. but i think kentucky, man. they may be going all the way. >> i sit there all day in front of the tv watching basketball and spring training baseball. >> you're pathetic. a pathetic human being. >> my team's out. >> who did you have? >> lamar. my cousin plays for lamar. out in the first round. i'm done. >> you shut off the tv? >> i'm done. >> all right. i appreciate your loyalty. >>> up next, in addition temeo k mika's bracket, the must-read opinion pages. turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safety picks. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $219 a month. and people. and the planes can seem the same so, it comes down to the people. because, bad weather the price of oil those are every
. that's why mitch daniels, former governor of indiana, he says, look, this is a national-- we're on the road to national ruin. and we kind of almost ignoring this as our nation's finances get worse and worse and not paying the attention we should. >> clayton: mitch daniels says we need to get this under control otherwise the financial disaster is looming. i want to throw you some liberal signs here that paul krugman rolled out. roll with this. >> see what i can do for you. >> clayton: i enjoy your response it paul krugman. he says the debt isn't a big deal at all. look, the right wing is having us believe it's a problem. we're borrowing money against ourselves it's not money we owe foreign country. it's false debt. . >> i he says the stimulus plan should have been much bigger, not one trillion, 2 or 3 trillion dollars and that debt doesn't matter we're borrowing at a low rate of interest. here is problem. the rate of interest is going up. it's more expensive for america to borrow and we're at that tripping point where we're paying so much in interest on all of this debt that a
with you. coming up next, an exclusive look at the road to recovery of the indiana mom who lost parts of her legs protecting her kids from a tornado as it was destroying their home. itis coming up after this. doers. here's to more saturdays in the sun. and budgets better spent. here's to turning rookies into experts, and shoppers into savers. here's to picking up. trading up. mixing it up. to well-earned muddy boots and a lot more spring per dollar. more saving. more doing. that the power of the home depot. break out the gardening gloves. miracle-gro garden soil is now 3 bags for 10 bucks. livi ng w ith the pain livi of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems,...
.f.l. it truly has been an honor to play in indianapolis indiana. i do love it here. i love the fans and i will always enjoy having played for such a great team. i will leave the colts with nothing but good thoughts and gratitude to jim, the organization, my teammates, the media, and especially the fans. >> rose: joining me now is peter king. so when you watch this... makes you want to cry, doesn't it? >> i got a little choked up watching it today. it was... what was so interesting about it is that peyton manning is not an emotional person. at least not in games, not... you know, he doesn't get choked up. he is... he prides himself on being in control of every situation, of every setting. if i'm told peyton's going to call you today and you got 30 minutes, i made sure to look down at my watch at the 25-minute mark. and if there were questions i absolutely had to get in, i got them in in the next five minutes because he was a real stickler about being punctual and all that. >> rose: he was going to stop it after 30 minutes? >> not necessarily. if he was enjoying it, he was going to keep goi
hazards now. meantime an ohio woman found this wedding day photo of a couple she believes is from indiana. the photo landed in her backyard. during last week's storm. >>> so, after 14 years of record league -- record for league mvp awards, peyton manning is parting ways with the indianapolis colts, who's expected to release him today after an agonizing and a lengthy recovery from neck surgery. he was sidelined for the entire 20 11 season because of that surgery. this move is going to free up salary cap space for the colts while making manning arguably the most coveted free agent in nfl history. where will he go? >>> prince harry shows off his dance moves during a visit to kingston, jamaica. the prince was visiting children and volunteer workers for at-risk youth when he was invited to dance to a republican addition of bob marley's "one love." looking pretty good, right? this isn't the first time we've seen one of the royals in action. prince harry's dad, prince charleses, busting a move with teens in this video back in 1980. earlier prince harry challenged jamaican sprinter usain bolt to
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